Brand attributes

Forward thinking

We move ahead of the times. We look to the future and see what's coming. We are proactive versus reactive.


Our business is about helping people when they need it most. We understand the customers' needs.

Quietly confident

We're knowledgeable and are experts in what we do, but we are never arrogant and are always professional.


We realize how important our products, our services, and our company are. We go about our business with enthusiasm, energy and a love for what we do.


We care about doing the right thing for our company, our customers and our communities.


To be the leading provider of employee benefits products and services that help employers manage their businesses and employees protect their families and livelihoods.

Coming in loud and clear

The voice of the brand

Trust comes not from monologues, but from conversations. That’s why our brand speaks in a voice that connects us with our customers — allowing room for our shared humanity to build a trusting relationship.

We form a personal connection by speaking in the first person, with a style that is friendly and approachable. We use our audience’s language, adapting our words and examples to reflect their lives, their businesses, their challenges, and our shared experiences. In short, we aim to inflect our voice with the humanizing qualities of empathy and emotion.

But we also know that our customers trust us to be the experts. So our tone is confident and professional, conveying the knowledge and authority that helps them feel protected.

Mapping the voice

Our voice is...

without being...


Reneé, meet Aileen, your new Implementation Specialist. She'll help you set up your new client account.


Please allow us to introduce Aileen, who will serve as your Implementation Specialist for the duration of your onboarding period.


Hi, Reneé, I'm your new Implementation Specialist.


What's up, Reneé?


We work with dozens of benefit administration systems, so we can help you understand which is right for you.


Understanding benefits administration is difficult. Let us choose a system for you.


With 165 years of experience protecting employees and their families, we can help solve your benefits problems quickly and easily.


As a leading benefits provider for more than a century, we are more than qualified to design exceptional benefit plans for your business.


When you can't work, we know that stress can mount. Between paying the bills and focusing on recovery, you've got a lot on your mind.


From blowing out birthday candles to walking the beach with your spouse, we cherish the moments that matter to you.


You see a bright future for your business. We can help you get there, with benefits that appeal to talented workers in your industry.


With Unum, the sky's the limit. Our benefits will allow you to attract the highest quality talent, so you can become the leader in your industry.