Brand attributes


We are an organization built on openness, trust, professionalism, respect for others and, above all, integrity.


We deliver on our obligations to customers, distribution partners, the community and each other.


We believe in what we do, accept responsibility for our actions and learn from our experiences.


Colonial Life preserves and protects the vitally important things America's workers work so hard to build, even if unexpected events and challenging times get in their way.


Colonial Life will be the voluntary benefits company that businesses and organizations choose to protect their workers' families, achievements, lifestyles and dreams.

Rules of writing

Create valuable content

  • Identify what you want to accomplish with the content.
  • Make your goals clear to your audience.
  • Remove the fluff and filler text.
  • Provide information your audience needs to know.
  • Don’t be vague.
  • Use the simplest terms possible to explain ideas.
  • Write in present tense.
  • Use clear language in navigation, links and headlines.

Use the inverted pyramid

Capture your audience's attention quickly. Organize content in order of importance, from the highest level to supporting details.

Create content chunks

  • Make your copy “scannable.” Readers skim and scan the page, looking for specific information. If they can’t find something quickly, you’ll lose your audience.
  • Use bullets/lists to create scannable content.
  • Break up content using clear headers and sub-headers

Write short sentences/paragraphs.

  • When editing your work, look for prepositional (often start with at, as, of, in, to) and other phrases that can be shortened and simplified.
  • Paragraphs don’t have to be more than one sentence.

Keep questions to a minimum.

Example: Are you tired of trying to search for something and can’t find it?

Avoid passive voice.

Be direct in the action. Instead of writing, “The application will be completed by the policyholder,” be more action-oriented by writing, “The policyholder will complete the application.”

Keep the tone conversational.

Not formal.