Brand Guidelines

The Unum brand is made up of visual and written elements that communicate our company’s identity and purpose. These guidelines show the approved use of all the components of our brand, including colors, typography, logos, icons and writing style. When you’re creating content for Unum, please stay within these parameters, to ensure our brand is presented consistently to the world.


To deliver the #1 customer experience in employee benefits. More than great customer service, what guides us is the goal to create an exceptional experience for everyone who interacts with our people, our products and the Unum brand—at every point in their journey with us.

Our Brand Cornerstones

Simplicity, empathy and expertise are at the heart of the Unum brand and are what bring our brand to life. Our brand cornerstones are also at the core of how we communicate to our customers—in their direct experience and in the competitive marketplace. Simplicity, empathy and expertise are essential elements of our brand’s personality. These traits should be inseparable from our brand.

Our Positioning

Unum is the pioneering benefits provider that delivers expertise, empathy and simplicity to help employees thrive.

Past is Prologue

Unum has been a trusted brand in the benefits business for more than 170 years. But it’s not why we’re unique. Our expertise makes us a resource of unparalleled knowledge; through caring and empathetic support, we connect as human beings; and, with technology and know-how, we create economies and efficiency to make things simple. This enables our customers and their employees to thrive in everything they do.


The Unum brand will evolve over time, and these guidelines will be updated periodically to reflect that. Our last update occurred in February 2019.

We’ve Got You Campaign

The We’ve Got You campaign style guide is now available for use by our approved internal partners and select external vendors. To request a copy or ask questions, send us a message.


If you have questions about these guidelines, send us a message.