Expertise is always thinking ahead.

Being an expert takes more than rote knowledge and book smarts. It’s an unending quest to answer why, coupled with the unique ability to turn a natural inquisitiveness into practical know-how.

Expertise speaks with self-assured confidence, succinctly and factually, without hyperbole or undue editorializing. People rely on us to be experts in everything we do. Be careful not to confuse your audience with complexity.

How to convey expertise:

  • Stick to the facts in context; don’t educate or explain too much.
  • Properly cite all sources, internal and external, as necessary.
  • Avoid acronyms, industry-specific terms and complex jargon.
  • Use familiar/relative concepts to demonstrate practical solutions.
  • Do not use worst-case scenarios or “threat marketing” to make a point.
  • Follow all AP Guidelines for consistency in punctuation and style.
  • Avoid using hyperbole and exclamation points to ensure an expert voice.